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March 17


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In The Arms of My Loved One [Yandere!Rivaille/Levi x Reader]

Chapter 1 —— Love Me?

It's already been one month since you and Heichou start dating. But nothing happened after your confession. Of course, he's been remarkably nicer and more gentle to you, in every way. You don't want to become a drama queen neither. But your heart start to question and worry.

"Why isn't he doing anything? Well, it's not like I especially want him to do anything but... Is he only shy or incapable of expressing love? But he's nicer... Is it because of me? Did I do something wrong? Does he love me?" Thoughts filled your mind but you shoved them away quickly.


Today was a great day, things were okay. After finishing your training and your chores, you've been assigned to assist Rivaille Heichou in his paperworks.

It was late in the afternoon, nearly at the sunset. It was total silence but only the noise of paper flipping or pens scripting. Sometime, you could feel him staring at you, yet you were to shy to lift your head to face him. It was awkward, you wanted to say something but you were scared since you both need concentrate on your work. Without much difficulty, you finished your work and put them aside. Looking up at Heichou nervously, you could see his concentrated face from the other side of the table. The light of the sunset just make he look more handsome. It was beautiful.

Suddenly he looked up, catching you staring at him, he grinned. Snapped out, you looked down quickly, blushing.

"I'm done. I guess I can hand all this to Erwin." He said gently, taking away your paperwork.

"Ah! I'll be coming too..." Nervously, you stood up.

"It's okay. Stay here, I'll be okay by myself." He looked over his shoulder and said with a smile.

It was the first time that you see Heichou's smile. You can't help but stand there blushing. You were so amazed that when you came back to reality, he was already gone.

Left alone in the room, you looked at the window, staring at some abstract point outside. Even with what happened just there, your heart is still inquiring. Why doesn't this go further. Even acknowledging yourself being a bit selfish, your girly part has token over your mind and questioning all kind of stuff.

"Eek!!" Unaware, you were lift from the waist by a pair of strong hands.

"H-Heichou!!" Before you could proceed what happened, Rivaille put you on his desk, his arms on each of your side and his face from inches to you. You could feel your face heating up.

"W-what are you doing Hei-!!" He grabbed your by your shirt and pulled you into a passionate kiss before you could finish your sentence.

His lips were crushing yours and his tongue dominated your mouth. He pulled back, to see your blushing flustered face, gasping for air. Seeing him smirking, you asked in a softened voice:

"What are you doing, Heichou?..."

"Levi..." He murmured as he approach your ear. You could feel his breath.

"B-But Heichou!" You softly protested.

"Levi..." He repeated sucking the edge of your ear, "Call me Levi..." He went down and go all the way to your neck and bite gently. "Levi." He insisted.

"L-Levi..." Feeling the pressure you finally obeyed.

"Hnn, not bad." He snickered, obviously pleased.

Taking the opportunaty, you fell on his chest, feeling his warmth and heartbeat.

"Nee, Levi... Do you love me?" You asked hesitatingly.

"Yeah, I love you [Name]. I love, love, love love you." He lift you in a bride style and sat down on the couch. "You want me to repeat that?" He asked teasingly. You nodded embarrassedly.

"I love you. I love [Name]. [Name], I love you. [Name], did you know that I love you? I am loving loving loving you so much, so much that I could KILL..."

Ehh? What?...

To be continued~
Fufufuf... Ok, bitchez. Since you're asking me so badly, I'll grant you the chapter 1. Thank me!! Nahahaha!! I laughed so much at your comments and seriously smirking like about two hours in front of my screen, like an idiot...

chapter 1: U r here
chapter 2:…
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chapter 9:…
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chapter 13:…
chapter 14:…
chapter 15(END):…

AoT belongs to Hajime Isayama Sensei
You belongs to Levi.
And I own the story.

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